About Chef Zarla:

As a 4th generation chef, Zarla’s love for food formed early in life.  She started her career in Accounting and Office Management before deciding to follow her dreams and do what she loves.  Her culinary journey started in 2005, catering to close family and friends during the weekends and eventually earned her Chef de Cuisine Diploma from Liaison College in 2011.  She then worked in all facets of the culinary world from a hotel chain to a specialty restaurant and casino. She became a Personal Chef in 2015, realizing that most of her clients are in need of someone able to adapt meals according to their lifestyle and health needs. 

Chef Zarla loves the challenge of creating locally-grown, seasonal and healthy meals, without sacrificing taste.  Her vision and mission has evolved especially since experiencing some life changing health issues that directed her to research and learn about utilizing food as medicine.  From loving to cook to developing a passion to provide the kind of food that nourishes and heals. 

About Our Delectable Whole Food Plant-Based Meals:

This is not your average Plant-based Meal Prep Service!

Our goal is to make your life easy by delivering fully prepared vegan/plant-based meals that are ready to heat and eat in minutes.

Our team put a lot of thought and dedication into putting together ingredients with the intention to nourish and help make your health better using produce in season ensuring every meal is well rounded in both flavor and health benefits.

You can look forward to meals that are full of flavor from bold spices of curries to subtle broth of plants-based pho.

Are You?
-looking for meals with a wide variety of options?
-an athlete looking to increase your performance?
-struggling with a health issue & need some healing?

Our meals are for you!

About Our Meals:

All our meals are 100% whole food plant-based and...

  • Free from dairy, meat, fish, and refined sugars
  • Includes Gluten-free products
  • Free from fake meats and textured vegetable soy protein
  • Includes real, fresh and quality ingredients and source local produce and items.
  • Made without vinegar, black pepper or any stimulants
  • Made by a certified chef
  • Customized for your health needs. We offer meal options that are free from soy, nuts, night shades, goitrogens.
  • Made as large sized portions to keep you feeling full and satisfied while keeping your weight in good balance 

About Our Ingredients:

  • All of our beans are made from rehydrated beans and not from a can
  • All of our sauces and dressings are made from scratch and FULL of flavour and never from a package
  • If soy is used, it is always Non-GMO Canadian soybeans
  • We use only organic gluten-free flours
  • We use only Non-GMO organic corn

About Our Nutrition Program:

Enjoy A Complimentary Session With Our In-House Nutritionist! 

Fill out our contact form and we will schedule a complimentary appointment within 24 hours.

You’re only a few steps away from finding the healing you need! 

About Our In House Nutritionist:

Carolyn graduated as a Certified Holistic Nutritionist from DHSN. She has made a few appearances on CP24, worked with the Toronto District School board, Community Centers and various organizations teaching, training and educating people. Carolyn believes that health is truly the greatest of all human blessings. “When we don’t feel good, it’s really hard to enjoy and live life to the fullest.


She is also a proud co-owner of Energy Shack Juice Bar and you will get a chance to enjoy her personally formulated fresh cold press juices and salads! Or say hi to her personally at her store, don’t forget to say we sent you!

Carolyn Recommends:

Our in house nutritionist recommend the following:

BREAKFAST: BIG Start your day with 2-3 servings of fruits + some grains and nuts or seeds.

LUNCH: HEARTY A big salad and one of our meals should fill you up for the day.

DINNER: LIGHT End your day with a light meal like a small salad or soup

Quick Tip:

We suggest that you avoid snacking and drink only water between your meals. This allows your body to rest through the night, leaving you feeling rested and hungry in the morning.