4 Weeks- 20 Meals

4 Weeks- 20 Meals

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Price  Breakdown:

20 meals at $13.75 each + 4 deliveries at $10 each =  $35 in savings!

For this package, you will automatically get all of the dishes on our weekly menu every Sunday for the next four weeks. 

Important! If you are purchasing other items other than the "4 weeks - 20 Meals" bundle, "Add-On Salads", and "Add-On Breakfast" in this meal package.  Please use this discount code 4WEEKEXTRA to avoid getting charged for an additional shipping/delivery fee.

View our menu for the week here:


We will remove ingredients in dishes that might affect any health concern according to our nutritionist's recommendation.

Note: We can not customize for food sensitivities or any allergies, as there may be cross-contamination during the cooking processes.

Add-Ons (optional):

  • Add 3 salads delivered each week (+$88)
    • 1 Sprouted Garden
    • 1 Creamy Cashew Caesar
    • 1 Greek Salad

*We do not allow substitution at this time.

  • Add 5 breakfasts delivered each week (+$130)
    • 2 GF Oats Chia Pudding
    • 1 GF Coconut Oatmeal Porridge
    • 1 GF Pancake with Berries Compote 
    • 1 Cajun Tofu Scramble with Yukon Potato Hash 

Quick Tip: We suggest that you avoid snacking and drink only water between your meals. This allows your body to rest through the night, leaving you feeling rested and hungry in the morning. 

*Pictures shown are for illustration purposes only. Actual products may vary in presentation.